As a partner, you want your firm to be as efficient as possible. Adopting transaction management software will help your firm automate its workflows, increasing revenue, accuracy and quality of life. You'll have a more productive and happier team.

Ways we will help your firm.

Bill more hours.

Keeping time spent on non-billable work to a minimum is critical to running a profitable firm. By automating your administrative work, your staff to focus on billable tasks and earn your firm revenue.

Close more deals.

 Your firm will be able to do more work for existing and new clients if logistical and administrative work is kept to a minimum, allowing your firm to close more deals annually.


Using dealcloser ensures that mistakes are kept to a minimum, reducing the time required to review the work of others at your firm. Furthermore, mistakes have a very real cost, both to a firm's finances and its reputation. Eliminate mistakes with dealcloser's document automation system.

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