From project checklists to closing binders—we help you at every step of the deal closing process.


It all starts with the project checklist.

This is your central deal management tool.

Build your deal’s project checklist on Dealcloser by uploading your documents to the platform and use it to track the deal’s status. You can even watch as clients sign their documents live!

Next, build your deal documents.

Our Document Automation tool will save you hours (or even days).

With our document automation system, you can complete all of your deal documents knowing that you haven't made any mistakes. Each time you use document automation, your documents are generated from template Word documents that you can ensure are perfect.

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Keep track of versions with ease.

Our version control solution is powerful.

We have a powerful version control system to ensure that everyone is working from the right version of a document. Exchange document versions on our platform or create and edit new versions of documents directly in our app!

Collaborating with others on the deal has never been easier.

Say goodbye to lengthy email threads.

Invite all the parties involved with the transaction to the platform so that everyone can work together seamlessly. Never work from the wrong version again!

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You and your clients can sign all documents electronically.

Your clients will appreciate not having to come to your office to sign their contracts.

We’ve created our own custom-built, legally compliant signature management solution that’s simple and intuitive for you and your clients to use. What's more—we offer both electronic signatures and digital signatures. 

Easily update & edit your documents.

Our Document Automation feature helps more than just at the start of a deal.

Has your closing date been pushed? No problem. Instead of using "Ctrl F" and painstakingly updating your closing date one by one, use our document automation tool to update it once. From there, it will update across every document instantly. Zero effort, zero error.

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Notify your clients that they need to sign documents.

It's as easy as one click.

Our Smart Notification system ensures that only those clients that have outstanding documents that they must sign receive a notification. What's more—we offer a client portal that is a self-serve, online experience that allows your clients to view their documents, provide you with information you've requested and view the status of their deals and sign documents.

When your deal has closed, export your closing binder instantly.

Utilize our time saving one-click closing books.

When you are done with your deal, save yourself time (and printer paper) by exporting your PDF closing binder with the click of a button.

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Start your deal off with a data room.

Our virtual data rooms help facilitate the due diligence process of an M&A deal.

If your deal requires a secure data room to exchange due diligence documents between the parties to the deal, we can provide one powered by HighQ