Our suite of features is ever-growing.


Customize our platform to reflect your firm's branding. Put your brand first when your clients come to complete their deals.


Closing Binders

We know that creating closing binders is one of the most tedious tasks when it comes to deal closing — but not anymore.

Client Portal

Offer your clients around-the-clock access to their documents and updates without putting in any extra hours, all through our cloud app.



Our collaboration tools allow you to connect and collaborate with other lawyers and your clients directly on our platform.

Document Automation

Automate your deal workflows by letting us generate your documents. You can also request information from your clients.


Document Management

Built specifically for deals, our document management system securely organizes your documents on the cloud.


We know that using a secure platform is of the utmost importance. We meet the highest industry security standards and guidelines.


Signature Management

Our custom-built e-signature management solution will allow you and your clients to securely sign from anywhere using electronic signatures or digital signatures.

Signing Packages

Once the signer sends you back their signed signature pages, you can re-upload them back to your project.


Virtual Data Rooms

Use dealcloser data rooms as part of the due diligence process.

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