Your clients can view, sign and connect with you—directly through our app.

Keeping client relationships strong.

Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Whether you have one or many deals on the go, use dealcloser to ensure that each client feels like they’re your priority.

24/7 portal access.

The dealcloser client portal is a self-serve, online experience that allows your clients to view their documents, provide you with information you've requested, view the status of their deals and sign documents—all in one place.

Request information from your clients.

When using our document automation and document assembly system, you can assign details to your clients to provide. Before your clients sign their documents, they must first provide the requested information - which will then automatically get pulled into your documents in all the right places!

Notify your clients that documents are ready to sign with a single click.

Our Smart Notification system ensures that only those clients that have outstanding documents that they must sign receive a notification. If a client has executed all their documents or does not have access to any documents, they will not receive any notifications.

Impress your clients.