The only tool corporate legal professionals need.

We eliminate the soul-crushing manual labor that makes up a large part of the legal transaction process. With our all-in-one solution, do your work from anywhere while getting it done easily, efficiently and with no mistakes.

It's time to automate your workflows.

Pushing paper and doing deals manually has a very real cost to your firm. From increased chances of making mistakes to hours and revenue lost on logistical, non-billable tasks, the status quo deal closing process is costing you and your firm time and money. (1)

Clone, create, and automate your deal documents.

Clone an existing deal or start your deal from scratch. Then, generate and update your documents effortlessly using our Document Automation system.


Invite everyone to the deal and collaborate on documents.

Invite everyone you need to work with you on the deal. Collaborate with others on the same document and see it update in real-time. Then, once new versions are created, keep track of them with ease.

3 (1)

Collect e-signatures with ease.

It takes an average of 31 seconds for your clients to login and e-sign all documents. But if e-signing isn't for them, we also offer wet ink signing packages too.


Export closing binders in seconds.

We know the pain of creating closing binders manually. That's why we created our one-click closing binders. Ready in seconds, every time.

Closing Binders

We will help you close more deals.

Reduce error

Our project checklists, tracking tools, collaboration features, and e-signing system will keep you organized and efficient, significantly reducing the chance of making a mistake.

Decrease non-billable work

Don't spend another minute on non-billable manual tasks like making closing books. Dealcloser automates (and even eliminates) those tedious and soul-crushing tasks.


Impress your clients

Show your clients that your focus is on getting them the best deal possible and closing on time. Using Dealcloser ensures you don't waste time pushing paper or tracking signatures.


Earn more revenue

By eliminating most (if not all) of the non-value-added tasks you face daily, you'll be able to focus your efforts on closing more deals and, in turn, earning more revenue.


What our customers say about us.

One look at our bottom line will tell you everything you need to know about Dealcloser's e-signing software: our firm completes more client transactions every year. We simply won't do a deal without Dealcloser.

This is a software we use every day in supporting our legal contract to a very busy tax lawyer. We depend on the software for all of our client signature and reporting requirements.

We closed a deal that had numerous documents and signatories in four different cities. After the deal was done, one of my partners asked, "how did you do that?" The answer: Dealcloser.


KMSC's steady growth caused KMSC to rethink their old processes. The firm decided to seek out solutions to make their workflows more efficient.


Initially, a single lawyer adopted Dealcloser. After seeing the impact Dealcloser had on his practice, the entire corporate group adopted the platform.


KMSC estimates that a minimum of one 8-hour day is saved per deal by reducing tedious logistical work—and this saving only increases on larger deals.

Let us show you how our app will transform your workflows.