What do you envision when you think of a law firm? Many of us imagine towering bookshelves filled with legal books and conference tables overflowing with stacks upon stacks of paper files for legal cases. While this is certainly true for some firms that are stuck in the past, the trend today is moving away from the dusty library of documents and toward becoming a sleek, modern, paperless law firm. Going paperless is a great choice for most law firms, and legal document software can make the transition considerably easier. At dealcloser, our software helps law firms transition to the 21st century with ease.

Benefits of Going Paperless

Now, you might say to yourself, “But I’ve always worked with paper. Are you really going to make me change now?” Consider the thousands upon thousands of dollars your firm has spent over the years on cumbersome printers, paper to put into those printers, and toner to print words on that paper. Consider the actual physical office space required for those items to live inside your firm. Imagine what it would mean to reduce all of that overhead and hassle! Going paperless frees up space in the office and in your coffers. Oh, and the environment will also thank you. 

One final benefit to going paperless in your law practice is that it will help your firm become more efficient and effective in your legal practice. This in turn will allow you to get work to your clients faster, saving you time and your clients money (a core mission for us at dealcloser). It also has the potential to allow you to expand your practice and take on additional clients. Your fully digital office will enable you to wow your clients with effective case management.

How Legal Document Software can Help

So, now you really want to go paperless, but you are not sure where to start? Legal document software is the easiest way to set those wheels in motion. Some providers of this type of software help you scan and digitize your paper files, making any document available at your fingertips. Legal document software can also allow you to search for key terms or phrases to pull up any and all documents you might need in a matter of seconds, drastically reducing the time it takes to perform due diligence or comb through discovery documents for a case. 

Legal transaction management software, another kind of technology that enables going paperless, makes collaborating on a deal easy. Instead of printing multiple versions of transaction documents and storing them in physical closing rooms, documents can now be exchanged securely and easily through a digital transaction management platform, eliminating the need for printing documents. Documents can be signed electronically with the click of a button, eliminating the need for your clients to print, sign and scan documents.  

Go Paperless Today 

Now you know the benefits of transitioning your legal practice to a paperless filing system. You’re welcome! To learn more about how legal document software can help your law practice go paperless or to discuss how going paperless in your law firm can benefit you, talk to the experts at dealcloser today. Call or contact us for a demo of our legal software now.