The profession of a lawyer is an extraordinary calling all in itself. However, in order to become a lawyer there are a few large investments you must be prepared to take on in terms of time commitment and financial commitment. Ensure that you do your homework and that you understand the path to success and the road you’ll be following before you embark on a career path as a lawyer. There are many reasons to become a lawyer, here are some of the most common ones.


For over 100 years or more, a career as a lawyer has been deemed the epitome of prestige. Impressive education and degrees, high scaled salaries, and a position of authority over others have placed many lawyers in an elite circle of professionals who command respect and embody the definition of success. Today, lawyers still embody a unique professional status and prestige in the public eye.

Earning Potential

Lawyers are amongst the highest paid professionals in North America. While these salaries are varied based on experience, employer, skill, geographic area and type of law, the world’s top lawyers can pull in million dollar salaries.

Not all lawyers pursue high salaries, however. Many lawyers find work in areas that, while not as lucrative, are more personally fulfilling and rewarding. There are many areas of law to choose from, allowing for various professional and financial goals.

Helping Others

Lawyers play an important role in society, whether it be on a business or personal basis. They provide legal support to individuals, groups, and organizations and further the public good.

Many law firms will support time spent by their lawyers on pro bono legal work, to support low-income individuals, children, the elderly or victims of domestic abuse.

Offers Diversity in Practice Areas

With the growth of industry segmentation and specialization in the legal field over the last 15 years, there are now plethora of practice areas and specialties. As a result, lawyers can specialize in one or in several niche areas – anything from corporate/commercial law to family law to animal law. There are over 40 practice areas that did not exist 15 years ago.

Working Environment

While cubicles and open concept floor plans have become the norm in today’s modern business environment and workplace, this same shift has not occurred at law firms. Lawyers typically work in an office with four walls, which many consider to be a perk. Lawyers may also enjoy access to support staff and a variety of office perks ranging from benefits, partnership opportunities, access to corporate events and seats at concerts and sports games.

Sharpened tools

Legal tech has also evolved, allowing lawyers to focus on law and their clients as opposed to the administrative tasks that come with being a successful lawyer. When surveyed, lawyers said 40% or more of their time was spent on administrative tasks. Over the last few years we have seen lawyers, like Amir Reshef, founder of dealcloser, pivot in their legal careers to build software that supports the daily pains they themselves experienced while practicing law.