As an attorney, you likely attend legal conferences, seminars, and workshops all the time. While there is something to be gained from all of these, most are organized in a similar fashion. This October, however, there is a legal conference that is unlike any other: Clio Cloud Conference -happening in San Diego. So, why should you put this event on your calendar above all others? Below are a few reasons.

Give Yourself an Edge Over the Competition

Regardless of whether you are a huge firm with hundreds of lawyers or a startup firm, you have competition. While at Clio Cloud Conference, you’ll hear from many speakers including technology leaders, executives from other successful law firms, and more, and you’ll gain insight into the ever-changing world of law. You will hear how the best firms have gotten to where they are, and how they continue to evolve every day.

You will also gain many insights from the 2019 Legal Trends Report, which will be distributed at the conference. Through this report, you will learn how others are using certain technologies and innovative developments to put themselves ahead of their competition. You will also learn how you can utilize those same tools to give your firm an edge over competitors.

Remain on the Cutting Edge

As an attorney, you know that a lot needs to be done to keep your firm operational. There are intake meetings, partner meetings, invoices to generate and send out, subpoenas, motions, and more, and they all come with a lot of paperwork. The ability to streamline all of these processes is crucial to the success of your firm. At the conference, you will learn about all the latest technological advances that can help keep your firm not only stay organized, but also ensure that it is always one step ahead.

Connect and be Inspired

There is one reason attorneys go into law: they love it. Unfortunately, over the course of the day-to-day, it is easy to get bogged down with the minutia of practice and to forget that passion. Attending the Clio Cloud Conference is guaranteed to restore that passion and get you excited about the law once again.

At the conference, you will have the opportunity to meet with great sponsors, such as dealcloser, world-class keynote speakers, and catch a glimpse into the brightest minds of the industry. You can then take that excitement back to your own firm, and get everyone excited about your firm, and the law, once again.

Are You Convinced? Register for the Clio Cloud Conference Today

The Clio Cloud Conference is going to be such a major event, we are literally counting down the days until it begins. This is definitely not your average legal conference. In just one weekend, you can revolutionize your firm while also relaxing during a massage, enjoying catered meals, and doing yoga. If you want to move your law firm into the future and learn about innovative technology and tools that could help every day at the office run more smoothly, register for the conference today. Use the code dealcloser to receive a $200 discount to your registration fee!