Every article you read tells you to build a relationship with your clients in order to be successful in your practice. Indeed, client retention has the biggest contribution to the overall success of a law firm. While the customer is not always right, you still have to ensure that you make your clients happy in order to keep their business. To foster successful relationship with your clients, you have to determine what they really want – which comes as no surprise. Below are some ideas on what you can do to make your client feel valued.

Your clients want convenience. Time is a valuable and finite resource for your clients. Your clients may get frustrated if they are spending too much time doing inconvenient things. For example, if your clients are spending time going to your firm to sign documents, trying to get updates on the status of their deal or waiting for a closing book, they may feel frustrated. This frustration may eventually lead to client friction. The longer it takes to give clients the results they need, the longer they suffer.

Your clients want to be understood. Clients won’t expect you to know everything about them but they want to feel that you understand them. According to the Domus Client Needs Poll conducted by Harris Interactive, 51% of consumers said that it is extremely important for a company to constantly think about their needs. Also from the same study, 65% of consumers said that it is extremely important for a company to understand their needs.











Showing your clients that you understand them can build more trust in you and your credibility. The best way to truly understand your clients is to talk with them. Ask them what the problem is, why this is a problem and how will their lives improve if this problem is solved. It’s also great to see the bigger picture, so don’t hesitate to ask about their business’ goals and how you can help them grow their business. It’s essential to make your clients feel that they are understood but at the same time, it’s also important for your clients to understand you. To avoid friction, make sure that they are aware of what you can offer them and the scope and limitation of your work.

Your clients want to feel that they matter. According to a study conducted by the Rockefeller Group, 68% of clients leave a company because they believe that the company does not care about them. This applies to all kinds of product and services, including law firms.

It’s important that your clients feel that their needs are understood, but that alone is not enough to make them stay with you. Clients want to feel cared for and that you are with them throughout their journey.

Your clients want transparency. Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Have you experienced getting additional calls from your clients, asking about the status of their deal? Most of the time, clients understand that there are a lot of factors as to why a transaction may get delayed. However, clients are looking for transparency. It’s hard to keep up with your clients’ demands while building a relationship with them. That’s why using a legal platform such as dealcloser becomes essential to you and your clients. With dealcloser’s client portal feature, you can offer your clients around-the-clock access and updates without putting in any extra hours. It is a self-serve, online experience for your clients so that they can stay up to date as to the progress of their deal. This client portal can be accessed through a secure personalized link included with each notification sent to them so you can make sure that their information is kept safe and secure.