Artificial intelligence is often stereotyped as the technology of the future, but current A.I. software is revolutionizing the legal landscape and how law firms operate today. More and more, law firms are embracing innovation and new technology to streamline their internal processes and market more effectively externally to their client base. Artificial intelligence is leading the way in changing how law practices use technology to become as effective and efficient as possible. At dealcloser, we ensure we’re evolving our offerings to stay ahead of developments such as these.

Streamlining Internal Processes

One of the biggest ways that artificial intelligence is changing the legal landscape is through its ability to streamline internal processes for law firms. Before A.I., lawyers would be required to manually input all information on paper or into the computer for every client and every task. This included billing, scheduling and calendars, tasks reminders, memos, invoices, letters, motions, contracts, and more. With the introduction of A.I. software, computer programs can now do much of this work for the attorneys so that they can focus on more productive work for their clients.

A.I. software can pull information from a lawyer’s calendar and task list to automate billing for clients. It can set reminders and alerts for upcoming deadlines on court orders, motions, and trials. Artificial intelligence can also input client information into invoices and standardized letters or memos that summarize the legal work being performed on behalf of the client. These programs also help the front and back offices of a law firm communicate better and be more transparently with each other about what work is being performed and how it is recorded for billing and review purposes. By becoming more efficient internally, a law firm is able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time doing productive legal work.

Enhancing External Marketing

Artificial intelligence is also improving how law firms market their legal services externally to clients. A.I. programs have the ability to identify and send marketing messages to potential clients based on keyword terms like the firm’s practice areas, geographic location, and more. This software can also track the number of opened emails, links clicked, and responses garnered as a result of your marketing efforts.

Artificial intelligence programs can be utilized to help with marketing efforts to current or past clients with emails sent automatically after representation with requests to leave reviews on law firm websites or general product and service review webpages. A.I. can also track specific metrics about your firm online in order to help your law practice make strategic decisions about marketing in addition to help review where your marketing strengths and weaknesses are within the firm.

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Artificial intelligence is the future of legal technology, and embracing A.I. software can revolutionize your legal practice. We’re on top of these trends. To learn more about how dealcloser can help improve your law firm both internally and externally, call or contact our company today.