A few weeks ago, we published a blog post on some things law firms should consider before purchasing a legal tech product. It is essential for law firms to have a buying strategy before investing in legal software to determine what works for your business and what doesn’t. However, even with a technology plan in mind, one may still find the process overwhelming. With all the legal software that is currently available in the market, how can you really determine what’s worth it and what isn’t? Here are a The most common way to spot whether a legal tech product is good or not is through its design. Legal tech products that are not easy to use may not be worth purchasing, as they may only add confusion to a busy practice. Aside from complex legal design, here are a few ways to spot a bad legal tech product.

When the legal tech product does not offer a free trial or a free demo

Good legal tech will give you an opportunity to see the true value of the product by offering a free trial or demo. While articles about legal technology are all over the internet, trying a product firsthand and getting a sense of how you could use it in your practice may help you determine if it will truly work for your firm. For example, with dealcloser, lawyers are able to sign up for a free trial of our legal transaction management software for 14 days. dealcloser also offers free demos and unlimited support to ensure that you access all of the platform’s features without any hassle.

When the product does not help you succeed

It is not worth your time and money to buy a legal tech product that doesn’t help you and your firm succeed. Future success with a product can be partially determined by observing how hands-on the vendor is when it comes to training and supporting its users. Does this vendor provide good customer support hours? Do they quickly respond to your queries? Did they build an in-app tutorial and/or have a help center? A good legal tech company does not let their clients solve their problems alone. They have in-app tutorials and/or a help center that lawyers can access. dealcloser recognizes this by having a support team that quickly responds to client inquiries.

When it doesn’t reflect your needs

When it comes to legal technology, the vendor should have a deep understanding of what your needs are and what problems you are aiming to solve. A good legal tech vendor will listen and carefully consider your feedback. Not all of your suggestions will make the product, but valuable suggestions should eventually surface within the technology. At dealcloser, we truly value everything our customers have to tell us!