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Project Agenda

It all starts with the checklist.

Organize your deal just like you’re used to doing with a closing agenda or checklist. Upload documents and track the deal’s status. Best of all, watch as clients sign their documents live!

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Secure Document Storage

Secure document storage.

Upload document versions and attachments to your projects. These documents can be viewed by other people on the project, being clients and collaborators. Our permission system allows you to have full control over who sees what.

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Microsoft Word Online Illustration

Collaboration made easy.

Other law firms and advisors work with you on your projects. You and your collaborators can securely exchange and compare document versions, while also inviting clients to sign documents on dealcloser. As a result, counterpart signature pages are totally eliminated!

And as an added bonus, our Microsoft Word Online integration allows you to collaborate in real time with others on the project—all while staying inside the dealcloser app.

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eSignatures in dealcloser

Signature management.

Automatically generate breakaway signature pages with our platform, or use dealcloser’s Sign Anywhere feature! Then, give your clients permissions to access their documents and use dealcloser’s Smart Notification System to notify your clients that they need to sign their documents.

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Words edited in a document

Document comparison.

Compare any two versions of any document on a project using dealcloser’s built-in blacklining feature. If needed, download the comparison document.

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Version Control

Version control.

dealcloser has a powerful version control system to ensure that everyone is working from the right version of a document. Exchange document versions on our platform or create and edit new versions of documents directly in our app!

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PDF closing book example

Closing books.

Once all project documents have been signed, instantly export a closing book with the click of a button. Just like that , you have a fully interactive PDF closing book to download and distribute.

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And most importantly, we take critical steps to safeguard your information. We meet the highest industry security standards and guidelines, ensuring that all of your data is managed safely and securely. We know how important this is to you, so visit our security page to learn more.

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