Wet-ink is in the past. Collect signatures with a click of a button.


Custom built signature management.

We’ve created our own custom-built, legally compliant signature management solution that’s simple and intuitive for you and your clients to use. Unlike other transaction management platforms, we don’t rely on any complicated  third party signature integrations for our signature management solution, making for a seamless user experience that eliminates the risks associated with the use of a third party application.

Smart notification system.

Clients may take their time signing documents, and reminding them over email to do so is time consuming and inefficient. Occasionally, more reminder emails are necessary when clients need to sign follow up documents. With dealcloser, notify your clients to log in and take action with the click of a button.

Instant signatures.

Create ready-to-sign documents with an automatically generated breakaway signature page, or use dealcloser’s powerful Sign Anywhere feature (the digital equivalent of ‘sign here’ sticky flags). Then, give your clients permission to access their documents. Easily notify your clients to log into dealcloser to review and sign the documents.

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