We have a powerful document management system built specifically for deals.


From start to finish—we've got you covered.

You’re busy, and your clients are, too. Which is why we know that automating and simplifying the deal closing process will make both parties happy. Our document management system allows lawyers to start and finish a deal in days, rather than weeks or months. Here’s how.


With our document management system, you can easily set permissions on a per document and per party basis using our granular permission system. If a specific document needs to be hidden from certain parties on your deal, you can easily hide that document using dealcloser’s permission settings. We take collaboration even further with our Microsoft Word Online integration—allowing you to work with your collaborators in real-time, all from our app.

Version control.

We have a powerful version control system to ensure that everyone is working from the right version of a document. Exchange document versions on our platform or create and edit new versions of documents directly in our app!


Our cloning features gives you endless options to clone previous deals. You can copy over all of the people invited to the original deal, or only the ones needed. The same goes for documents—upload all of the same documents from your cloned deal or only a few. Our cloning feature also allows you to duplicate the headers, sub-headers and rows.

Project agendas & closing books.

Build your deal’s project agenda on dealcloser by uploading your documents to the platform and use it to track the deal’s status. You can even watch as clients sign their documents live! When you’re done with your deal, save yourself time (and printer paper) by exporting your PDF closing book with the click of a button.

New feature: Branded closing books.

With our Branded Closing Books feature, you’ll be able to upload a cover page of your choice that will automatically be placed at the start of the closing book. We offer template cover pages that come with placeholders that you can replace as needed.

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