Protecting the environment and reducing waste are at the forefront of society’s concerns today, and making your law firm greener not only furthers these goals but can also save money, make your business more efficient, and overall improve your productivity. Companies like dealcloser specialize in products that reduce waste and make your business greener. 

Client Portal

One of the easiest ways to go green in your law practice is through integrating an online client portal for all of your clients’ needs. This can include everything that touches the client, from scheduling and calendar management to the review of documents and billing management. Allowing a client to review invoices and make payments for services online reduces the paper waste involved with physically mailing these documents and shortens the time your company must wait between rendering services and collecting payment.

Document Management

Another way to reduce waste and make your law practice greener is through the implementation of document management systems. This can include everything from the creation of online standardized documents for client intake to the review and editing of documents all online. You and your team can work on the same documents simultaneously through cloud storage and editing software, while your clients can review the documents online, as well. Storage of documents in the digital space can greatly reduce the overhead for your firm as well as make your company greener.

Signature Management

Signature management software can help your law firm become a more environmentally-friendly business. Products offered by dealcloser allow for clients to review documents and sign contracts, letters of intent, and other legal documents online without the need to physically print, sign, and mail in paper copies of these items. Signature management programs also cut down on toner and paper use, which can make your firm greener and save you money.

Multi-Party Management

Multi-party management software implemented at your firm can significantly reduce waste and mistakes and make your business more efficient. Through the use of multi-party software that allows for many people to access documents at the same time, the need for printing multiple copies of the same item is eliminated. Every time a change is made to a multi-party document there is no longer a need to print and send newer drafts for review. By drafting, editing, and reviewing the same document online, multi-party management tools decrease the chances of a mistake derailing the entire process or leading to legal issues down the road.

Making your business greener has the potential to simplify workflows, reduce overhead, prevent mistakes, increase productivity, and delight customers with your commitment to the environment as well as meeting their needs. To learn more about how your business can incorporate green products and programs, call or contact dealcloser today.