delivering simplicity within complexity

Written by dealcloser CRO, Teruel Carrasco


Ever since dealcloser’s inception in 2017, deliberate, data-driven decisions were made at every step of the way. Straddling the line between simple and complex, the dealcloser customer journey is—in the simplest of terms—easy. But sometimes the easiest of technologies take the longest amount of time to build.

We wanted our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) to reflect our core belief that technology solves problems and makes our users’ lives easier. Our customer satisfaction with our UI and UX is a point of pride for us, and is reflected in our high retention rates, customer referrals and continuous feedback.

Having a great product is one thing, but getting it in the hands of users is another feat.

Traditionally, you hire an inside sales team and invest a lot of capital in building a lead generation engine. But there’s a problem with that—lawyers don’t like to be sold to. I mean, who can blame them?

There is a false narrative that startups are founded and run on pizza boxes, with growth journeys similar to reality TV shows like Silicon Valley. It’s true that startups are intense work environments—either you sink or you swim. But, when it comes to making deliberate data-driven decisions on pricing, reselling, strategic partnerships, UI/UX, marketing and trade shows, we fared very well… and here’s how.

When we built our go-to-market strategy, we decided to toss the “safe” route in the trash and go straight for the “bold and risky” route, which knew we could accomplish based on our experience, data and the probability of success. Sure—it would take some time to nurture, but it would ultimately pay off. During this time, we continued to gain momentum through client referrals and our networks. We also launched a strategic partnership initiative, casting a wide net for users by working with other emerging legal tech marketplaces that already invested in relationships. I don’t want to give away our entire business plan, but if you’re curious about the details, send me an email.

Like lots of other mature companies, we sometimes missed the mark. As disappointing as it was when that happened, we picked ourselves up, learned from it, and moved forward. Our team is filled with a mix of new professionals and those who have been in the game for some time. With this variety, our skills and passion are unmatched. We care about what we do—and most importantly, we enjoy it.

As the Chief Revenue Officer, I’m often asked the question of why I quit my secure job to join a startup and co-found a private equity group. My answer is simple: I wanted to be part of a team that delivered a product that straddled the line between simple and complex. That delivered simplicity within complexity. That is complex internally, but for the end user, it just works.

The end of the dealcloser journey is far from being written, but aren’t the first few chapters just captivating?

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