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Why dealcloser won’t let shelfware get in the way

Technology. It’s here to make our lives simpler, right? Sometimes it’s easier said than done.

New software should do three things: increase productivity, decrease costs, and be easy to use. But does that always happen? Of course not. Sometimes, companies spend too much time on long pilot programs, causing customer confusion and frustration. Other times, a product may be purchased, but wide-spread adoption never occurs and the technology sits unused. When failed implementation occurs—essentially leaving products to sit on the shelf—it’s called Shelfware.

Shelfware happens when the solution did not deliver the desired improved outcome, thus creating a decrease of interest from its customers. Additionally, Shelfware can also mean that the end user didn’t even understand the problem the software was trying to solve in the first place.

And do these issues occur in legal technology? Absolutely.

Legal tech is emerging. We may be biased, but it’s an important standalone software category with many providers carving out niche opportunities and solutions. But the challenge of Shelfware vs. Realware exists in legal tech, and the debate of how to deliver on the promise of technology continues to challenge many new legal tech startups, including us.

But first, what is Realware?

Realware is about building technology solutions that deliver. A great example is ride-sharing. Ride-sharing technology brought together GPS tracking technology—a reservation system and an in-app payment system—all combined in one app on your phone. The disruptive nature of these platforms have been credited with the creation of the gig economy. Many people use ridesharing apps everyday, and these apps are not forgotten after installation.

And now you’re probably asking, “What does dealcloser have to do with all of this?”

Seeing Shelfware and Realware unfold in front of our eyes allows us to review mistakes from the past and build out the value of our solution. dealcloser was founded with the mission to bring real, tangible, measurable solutions to corporate lawyers, while helping them achieve work-life balance. This mission fuels everything we do, from our easy to use UI to our newly released mobile application. In short, we want to take the practice of corporate law and modernize it.

Our technology was created to make your life easier—and we won’t let the possibility of shelfware get in our way.

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