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Partner Profile: ReadyWhen

Face it, Estate planning is something a lot of us don’t want to think about. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Like any task that we prefer to avoid, there is probably a technology solution out there that makes the process that much more manageable. We chatted with our partners at ReadyWhen to find out how they support the Estate planning process, one click at a time.

Tell us about ReadyWhen’s services.

If you pass away without planning your Estate, it can cause a lot of complications and confusion. This adds an extraordinary amount of stress during an already trying time. With ReadyWhen, create proactively and securely create your Estate plan so that your loved ones are protected. Welcome to simple, secure, and fast digital Estate planning.

What motivated you and your business partner to start ReadyWhen?

We have both had to deal with Estate planning in one way or the other. 

Jessie Vaid, CEO and Founder, has been a notary in British Columbia for over 15 years, building and executing thousands of Estate plans. He identified three problems with the current process—complexity, cost, and access. After an online search, he realized that if there was anything out there, he would be using it in his own practice. He identified a real-life problem that, if solved, could help millions of people.

Sachin Bhalla, CMO and Co-Founder, lost both parents over a three-year span and was thrust into the world of probate and Estate management with no guidance. He knew he wanted to make it easier on others but didn’t know how to. In December 2019, Jessie came to him with the idea of ReadyWhen. It was immediately clear that he could make use out of his experience from both a life and professional perspective.

Together, they saw an opportunity to help millions of Canadians through the marriage of technology and subject matter expertise. 

Why is it important to plan your estate early, or at a young age?

Estate planning is important at any age, but specifically when you have a family and assets to protect. It should be common practice to create a ReadyWhen account because you never know what could happen and you don’t want to make it harder on your family. By starting early, people can overcome the stigma around Estate planning and talk openly about something that is unavoidable.  

What was your most noteworthy accomplishment?

We have accomplished a lot of goals as a team during our brief history. However the most noteworthy is meeting the launch date for our MVP. We had a company goal to have our MVP product ready for November. This was ambitious and required all hands on deck for several months to ensure we could meet the date. By meeting this deadline the entire team showed its dedication, passion and willingness to do anything to drive the company forward.   

What drew you to connecting with dealcloser?

Working in the legal industry, there are so many technological advancements that could be made and dealcloser is one of the few affecting positive digital change. By providing useful tools to make the process more efficient they are helping to bring the industry into the future, faster.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from operating during COVID-19?

ReadyWhen was brought up during COVID-19. That made for a unique working situation since the two founders are on opposite ends of the country. During this time the team learned some great lessons:

  1. Communication is critical. Aim for over communication to ensure the direction and next steps are clear so everyone is going in the right direction.
  2. Accountability is not just a buzzword. Not being in the same office but still having very real deadlines drove accountability between the team. We needed everyone to play a part to meet critical deadlines to get the product to where it is today.
  3. Positive waves. Working in a startup has its waves of highs and lows. It’s important to take a moment when something positive happens and ensure that it ripples to the rest of the team so everyone can fight through the lows together.

Ready to get planning? Watch the below video to learn more about how ReadyWhen’s solution can help you. They’re even offering 20% off their Pro subscription! Sign up at, select the annual option and use the code RWLAUNCH2 when checking out.

We’re always delighted to introduce new technologies and features to your virtual desktop. Stay tuned for more partner and client features, as always, on our blog. And if you haven’t already, give dealcloser a try today!