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partner profile: LegalEase

We’re back at it. Introducing July’s Partner Profile: LegalEase! LegalEase provides online transactional and litigation support for corporate legal departments and law firms. In their 15 years of operation, LegalEase administers their services around the globe from their offices in the US, India and the UK, taking a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach offering expertise from their disciplinary teams.

We spoke to our friends at LegalEase, Neseeha Machingal and Patrice Asimakis, to learn more about their company.

1. Describe LegalEase’s five main services.

The first service we provide is legal research and writing service (LRW). It is the pillar on which LegalEase was built in the mid 2000s. LRM services include any kind of legal research and writing in any subject matter, for any lawyer, anywhere.

Another service we offer is non-disclosure agreement (NDA) review services. We’ve developed a very efficient process for reviewing high volumes of non disclosure agreements.

LegalEase also provides contract analytics review and management services. If you have contracts, we have solutions. We do contract analytics review and management for our compliance and privacy services

Finally, LegalEase provides litigation support services. These services include drafting pleadings, discovery requests, discovery answers, discovery motions, e-discovery and all of litigation analytics. We use legal analytics and data points to make decisions on settlement value. We also provide flexible and scalable legal bill audits. Additionally, we offer virtual attorney staffing, optimized internal workload allocation, and dashboards for effective budget and spend management.

2. What typical complexities, needs and inefficiencies of the corporate counsel market do your services solve?

The legal and regulatory landscape changes so fast that clients often can’t keep up with the extension of their team. Many firms use expensive resources for routine work and are often too busy to see the inefficiencies in their systems. They don’t notice their bottlenecks and don’t have processes in place to become more productive. Some legal departments work the way that gets passed down from lawyer to lawyer so they often don’t think of innovative ways to approach their problems. With the wealth of industry experience, LegalEase helps firms address inefficiencies. We go in with fresh eyes and offer innovative ways to approach their problems. We take some of the routine tasks out of their way so the higher level staff can focus on the pressing responsibilities. We’re very good at high volume, low risk work and we can move fast

3. What are the benefits of using online as opposed to traditional legal services?

The primary benefit will always be cost savings because we can make it efficient affordably.  But even more than cost savings, LegalEase values cost predictability. So, not only can you save money, but you can plan your spend better.

LegalEase offers flexibile, accessible and convenient solutions. Clients have access to our services and support 24/7. They are able to do that remotely and online. Clients can choose their preferred communications channel, and if they want to use ours or their own platform. Our clients aren’t locked down to any specific models. They can do a pilot run and choose how to move forward. One size does not fit all!

4. What are the advantages of an interdisciplinary approach?

LegalEase takes a holistic view of the entire process from beginning to end—sales call to the last delivery. We have a team involved at every step of the way.

5. With offices and clients all around the world, how do you ensure consistency in the service you’re providing?

LegalEase has an excellent operations and delivery team and puts a premium on our quality control (QC) level. We take a lot of time up front and we invest money and resources into QC training. We have extensive best practices guidelines (BPG), manuals and a legal operations playbook for every step of the way. The team is continuously connected to ensure everything is running consistently and smoothly.

6. Do you have a particularly memorable or rewarding experience helping out a client?

We have two. The first was when we helped out a husband and wife law firm team who have a personal connection with the company. One Friday afternoon, they called with an emergency—their baby was being delivered early, but they had an important brief to do that weekend. A  team of us pulled together to deliver the brief by Monday. There were two successful deliveries that weekend!

The second was with a multinational client with offices in the US, Canada and London. There was a deal happening abroad with the new investor for the London company. 10,000 contracts needed to be reviewed in order for the steel to go through, so they called us and we rallied and staffed the project overnight and turned it around and five days! LegalEase employees are still talking about this momentous success 10 years later!

7. Tell us more about your global community initiative PurpleHat.

PurpleHat is LegalEase’s corporate social responsibility (CRS) hosting a platform for lawyers to feature their pro bono work. We educate customers around the globe about humanitarian stories, news and events in the legal industry. We also reach out to initiatives in the US and India as lawyers. For example, social work requires a good understanding of the law, so we educate them and help with legal processes such as drafting policies and making recommendations for improvement. We educate people in vulnerable areas about their rights and access to justice.

8. What are some lessons you’ve learned from operating during COVID-19?

LegalEase has always been extremely avant-garde. COVID-19 enlightened us about how forward thinking and ahead of the game we are. LegalEase has been a remote company since day one. For companies not operating at a distance, it may be a difficult routine to adapt to. All of a sudden, they’re forced for the first time to work remotely and cut their costs and we’ve been doing that for 15 years. Despite having offices spread out internationally, we work as a team to help lawyers reduce costs and streamline their processes.

9. Are you running any promotions right now? We’d love to share it in our blog if so!

Please provide us with your current promotion!

We loved catching up with LegalEase and learning about all of the innovative services they offer! To see how LegalEase can help your law firm visit