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partner profile: Lawfecta

It’s here! We’re lucky to be partnered with various legal technology companies around the world. Each month, we’re featuring one of them. Why? Because they’re incredible and deserve it. Without further adieu, here’s our feature on women-run, California-based company, Lawfecta.

We *virtually* sat down with Founder & Managing Director Stacey Lake to get the intel on what Lawfecta is all about. Keep on reading to learn just how Lawfecta helps law firms and small businesses. Bonus: she gives advice to female entrepreneurs, too!

What service does Lawfecta provide?

Lawfecta is a premium staffing agency that provides law firms and small businesses with outsourced paralegal, legal secretary and live chat assistance on a cost-effective and flexible basis. Clients work with one or multiple dedicated team members without the need for long-term contracts. At Lawfecta, we offer business owners full compliance by taking care of all of the responsibilities of employment, so that they don’t have to. Business owners get all the benefits of a senior level Team Member, without any of the administrative burden of employment.

What inspired you to start Lawfecta?

I’ve been in the legal industry over 14 years, mainly in small and solo firms. In 2015 I was working in a Los Angeles “virtual law firm” which was a relatively new concept at the time. All of the attorneys worked from home, but support staff were required to be in office. Commuting in Los Angeles was rough. Between the three hour round trip commute, the smog induced headaches and the daily “I almost just died” moments on the freeway, a work from home career was attractive and made sense—but we were not allowed the option.

I felt confident that support staff working from home was a viable model, for not only employee happiness but efficiency in work product. Attorneys would only pay for the time used, and didn’t have to worry about employee costs including workers compensation, payroll taxes, equipment and space.

With an 100% fully distributed workforce, our communication and culture are moved outside the boundaries of a physical location so that our Team Members are able to be included wherever they live. Our business model is forward-thinking with continued growth of employee happiness, and the overall environmental impact and benefits telecommuting offers as a whole.

What makes your service stand out from other services?

Our service was designed to be white-labeled and allow attorneys to utilize our services as an extension of their business. Our team members are seen to be the law firms in-house support staff and clients never know the attorney outsources their staffing. We created a unique service that is tailored to allowing law firms to continue to grow and have a full team behind them without the full-time price. Without the burden of in-house employee overhead, and the ability to utilize support staff on an as-needed basis, Attorneys are able to offer competitive rates allowing more access to justice.

What win are you most proud of?

Lawfecta is a fully bootstrapped company. I learned to code so I wouldn’t have the expense of a developer, I learned marketing/graphic design so I could save the costs, and I dove into leadership fundamentals so I would be able to guide my team upwards and onwards. Seeing what we’ve accomplished to date makes every struggle and hardship worth it. Team Lawfecta as a whole is the biggest win I am proud of.

What are some lessons you’ve learned from operating during COVID-19?

The support of your network is vital. The success of our companies are a team effort. The legal tech community has really rallied around one another to help our clients grow, and to help one another continue to benefit the legal community.

As a virtual service, how do you keep things “human”?

We try to be personable with our clients, so we send out handwritten “thank you” cards, complete with a wax sealed envelope embossed with our logo. Shooting an email off to say “thank you” is the easy route to go, and we believe in taking the extra step so clients can receive a one of a kind heartfelt thank you.

We also try to keep the human connection by always putting faces to names. Our team pictures are on everything – emails, newsletters, social media, our website. We want to ensure the individuals we are communicating with can connect that we aren’t just names and titles, we are human beings behind the screen.

Describe your experience of being a women-run company in a male-dominant industry.

As a legal tech founder, I have found great respect and camaraderie in my community. As a Paralegal I had little to none.

The support of the legal tech community has been overwhelming. Founders from all different races, sexes and demographics have welcomed us with open arms and offer encouragement.

What’s your biggest piece of advice for female entrepreneurs?

A little over 2% of all capital investment went to women-led companies in 2019. That’s a statistic that I keep in my mind at all times because I understand the odds are stacked against us as female entrepreneurs. That fact should light a fire under us, because we are capable, intelligent and just as hungry for success as anyone else.

If you have a concept or an idea, do what you can to make it a reality and achieve your goals. Nothing we create will ever be perfect, because perfection doesn’t exist. What you do everyday matters.

Do you have any exciting announcements coming up?

We pride ourselves on our already flexible service, but we’ve listened to our clients suggestions on what other options they would like to have available to them. We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new pay-as-you-go option for our virtual paralegal and legal secretary services. With pay as you go, attorneys can pay a low monthly membership fee, answer a few simple questions, set a budget if they choose, then submit projects to be completed by our skilled legal team member. No long term commitments, no minimum payment required and no cancellation fees. Attorneys can get the assistance they need today without any commitments!

PROMO: Lawfecta’s Memorial Day Sale starts on 05/25 and ends on 05/29.

Attorneys can save up to 20% on Flex Retainers for our Virtual Paralegal and Legal Secretary Services. Lawfecta’s Flex Retainer allows an Attorney to make a retainer deposit for their selected Team Member as their business needs demand. No long term commitment required. Whether they need assistance 5 hours a month or 40 hours a week, Lawfecta has them covered.

We had a blast getting to know Lawfecta better. If you think you could benefit from their stellar services, be sure to check them out. Catch us next month for our next Partner Profile!

Visit Lawfecta’s website