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Partner profile: DealPoint

Hey—it’s been a while since we’ve featured one of our partners. We’re eager to introduce you to our most recent addition, DealPoint! We know you’re excited too, so let’s not waste any time and hop right in.

1. Briefly describe DealPoint’s services.

DealPoint is a private capital market platform that automates investor on-boarding and investment execution. The traditional capital-raising process is antiquated and laborious, requiring face-to-face interaction and paper-pushing. Administrative costs are high, requiring a great amount of time and energy. We’ve made this complicated, manual process simple!

2. What motivated you to start DealPoint?

With a background in investment banking and entrepreneurship, we knew technology could simplify the capital-raising process. Initially, we revolutionized how investors could find, evaluate and invest in private placements through our online investment crowdfunding marketplace. This prompted us to explore the regulatory challenges facing the investment community. We then developed and launched DealPoint—a SaaS solution that can be easily implemented into the workflow of broker-dealers, law firms, portfolio managers and fund managers.

3. What inefficiencies does your platform resolve?

DealPoint is an integrated solution that provides all the tools to execute fundraising quickly and accurately. Investors are first presented with the appropriate subscription agreement and supporting documents based on their exemption and jurisdiction. After answering a simple questionnaire, the documents are generated and presented for signature—and it’s the right document every time. Invite investors to view documents, pitch decks, videos and offering documents. In one efficient process, investment documents are executed and the company is funded.

4. Describe the compliance measures that DealPoint undertakes.

Automated, digital investor onboarding minimizes data entry, reduces error rates and improves overall compliance. Our mobile-friendly interface, with integrated e-signature capabilities and online ID verification, offers stakeholders access to deal flows on the go. Behind the scenes, workflows streamline the approval process, which makes the closing process efficient—and of course, saves companies time and money.

5. Do you have any predictions for the future of financial and legal technology solutions?

Disruption is on the horizon, and COVID-19 expedited digital adoption. Solution providers are entering the market at a faster pace, addressing different problems and pain points for both investors and enterprises.

6. What advice do you have for startups, particularly in Alberta?

I recommend connecting through InterGen Capital—a private ScaleUp fund and talent matching program. The team is committed to accelerating the growth and scale of high-potential Alberta companies by pairing them with business talents that are committed to our province’s future.

With that, we want to thank DealPoint for looping in with us! Interested in getting in on the action? Learn more about dealcloser and how you can become one of our partners today!