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partner profile: CORVUM

Oh, hello again—we’re back at it with another partner profile! The first of its kind, CORVUM provides VoIP telephone services exclusively for the legal industry. We are delighted to welcome CORVUM as our most recent partner and thought it was the perfect time to chat with founders Jason & Graham to bring you the must-knows about all of the exciting things they do.

Briefly describe CORVUM’s services.

CORVUM is the only VoIP phone service designed specifically for law firms and legal professionals. Our full-feature Legal VoIP Suite is the perfect fit, whether you’re a solo practitioner or a multi-office firm. It is particularly useful for remote work or in the virtual office. Our Legal VoIP Suite includes numerous features, such as calling, text messaging, visual voicemail, voicemail to email and more. Our service is the solution for convenient, private and efficient communication between you and your client. You can use your current number, or a brand new number for additional privacy between you and your clients. Be responsive and present for your clients without sacrificing personal time or control

How many features does CORVUM offer?

CORVUM offers a wide range of features, with over 60 in total. Core features are our voice and texting service. Extended features include in-call or post-call note-taking, call recording, email to fax/fax to email, visual voicemail, voicemail to email, auto-attendant with custom greeting, and multi-device ring. One of the biggest features is our integration with the practice management software Clio. Users of CORVUM and Clio will see calls and texts automatically matched and logged to existing Clio contacts—with billable call time tracked and any notes included.

What motivated you to found CORVUM?

After working in the VoIP industry for more than a decade, we found that our attention to detail and focus on customer experience was a natural fit with law firms in our home market. We wanted to use our experience to build bespoke solutions for law firms so that we could have a greater impact on the lives of our favoured clients.

How did you come up with the name CORVUM?

We have always been intrigued by the intelligence of some animals, but in particular crows—they are fantastic communicators and multi-tier problem solvers. Growing up, Graham was exposed to a lot of the Latin language given both of his parents are lawyers. So when we were talking about what to name our communication business, the word CORVUM stuck out in my head.

Tell us more about VoIP.

While around for some time, improved Internet access and developments in technology have brought the flexibility of VoIP into the mainstream in recent years. Now, you can turn your laptop or mobile phone into a VoIP phone and make and take calls from anywhere that you have an Internet connection. The technology has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it allows lawyers and staff to connect from anywhere, yet maintain the firm’s brand identity while doing so.

How many devices can a single user use CORVUM on?

As many as you need to. Our mobile and desktop app lets you make and take calls from whatever device you have with you at the moment—you can even use a VoIP desk phone if you have one.

Can users keep using their existing business phone number on CORVUM?

Yes. We also assign each staff member their own unique phone number (if you don’t already have one), and calls to the ‘main firm number’ can be handled in a custom manner—specifically designed for you.

How does CORVUM help law firms?

Working in the legal industry is already hard, and managing all the layers of technology can become daunting even for knowledgeable staff. CORVUM’s service can automate call tracking and documentation processes, improving the accuracy of billable time regardless of the fee structure your firm uses. We’ve become known for our exemplary customer service—our expert team is available to manage your phone system for you, and the technology allows for your team to work from anywhere, which has become crucial in recent times.

How can users make use of call analytics?

CORVUM provides users with metrics around the quantity and duration of calls, as well as presenting missed calls and voicemail as items that may require immediate attention. Many firms are making efforts to improve their client responsiveness, and our goal is to provide the information you need to reach your goals. We continue to develop the metrics available to our clients and will shortly offer a customizable dashboard.

Do you offer your service outside of Canada?

While we started offering our services exclusively to Canadians, and operate a completely independent infrastructure 100% north of the border, we offer our services to USA-based solo practitioners and law firms. We have partnered with the top American carriers to provide the same level of service regardless of which side of the border you live and work from.

What are some trends you’ve noticed amongst law firms?

We’ve seen some movement away from large, established firms towards more nimble client-focused firms that make more use of technology. In many cases, we’ve seen senior partners leave larger firms and team up with young, tech-savvy lawyers to start these firms. We’re then seeing these new firms start from “the ground up” with new ideas and ways of providing legal services. There has also been an increased focus on the accessibility of legal services. This was happening before the COVID-19 pandemic, and then these changes were accelerated—particularly with the obvious move to remote work and a marked decrease in the importance of the central office.

What are your predictions for the future of legal technology?

The recent acceleration in the pace of change is likely permanent, so we think many of these changes are here to stay. Even if we were to return to our offices next week, many of these practices would remain, simply due to the realized efficiency and ease of access from the client perspective. These are significant and impactful changes. Our opinion is that this is a great time to be in this industry, but it is more important than ever for legal professionals and their teams to be able to maintain a comfortable and healthy fluidity between their work and personal lives.

Once again, we’re excited to welcome CORVUM to our innovative lineup of partners. Stay in the know with our Partner Profiles and other legal tech news on the blog.

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And if you’re interested in finding out about how your company can do business with us, connect with us today!