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How to spot a bad legal tech product

A few weeks ago, we published a blog post on some things law firms should consider before purchasing a legal tech product. It is essential for law firms to have a buying strategy before investing in legal software to determine what works for your business and what...

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What is a signature worth to your firm?

Transactions are complex undertakings with many moving pieces, and significant time and effort is required to ensure that they are completed efficiently and accurately. Gathering client signatures is a crucial part of managing the corporate and tax transaction...

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Fostering client relationships with technology

We spoke to Charles from Cultovo, a corporate client of a law firm that utilizes dealcloser. We wanted to get his perspective on the end user/client experience and learn how dealcloser positively impacted Charles. Here is what Charles had to say. Note: Edited for...

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How to successfully implement technology in your law firm

Implementing new technology in your business can sometimes be hit or miss. Many law firms tend to purchase legal software that won’t work for them which causes the initiative to fail. However, there are some strategies that can be adopted that assist with the...

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From law to legal technology: the dealcloser story

Before co-founding dealcloser, Amir Reshef and Ashvin Singh both practiced at a large, international law firm. Ashvin practiced tax law and Amir practiced corporate law. It was during their articling year that the idea for dealcloser came about. Ashvin started his...

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Work-Life Balance in a Law Firm

While the definition of work-life balance varies between each individual and standards vary between firms and practices, it is important to keep it an ongoing priority.

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Digital Peace of Mind

In the information age in which we live, online security is a highly discussed topic. We are witnessing and taking part in the greatest information technology revolution in history as our society undergoes the transition from a largely paper-based world to a fully...

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