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Introducing dealcloser branding

dealcloser has always been about you—closing your deals more smoothly, helping your firm work more productively and leaving your clients more impressed. Each dealcloser user is unique, so why should our platform look the same for everyone? That’s why we wanted to offer you more. That’s why we created dealcloser branding—to help you make a more customized, elevated experience for your clients! Let us walk you through our new exclusive feature.

client access URL.

Information overload is common during the dealmaking process. Although our legal technology solution is memorable, your clients may draw a blank when it comes to the deal management platform your firm is using. Reduce confusion with an easily identifiable access URL, customized to your firm.


with branding:

system emails.

Another email from…wait—who’s this from again?! We’ve all been there. Let your clients know it’s you with a customized address for system emails. And what’s more, you can add your firm’s logo too! Use this personalized touch to add some familiarity to often chaotic inboxes.

standard vs with branding:

app logo and colour scheme.

Branding doesn’t stop with external URLs and emails. Let your true colours shine through within the app! You can now feature your firm’s unique logo and colour scheme making our platform your own. Give it a try for yourself—it’s super neat, we promise!

standard vs with branding:

Routine and familiarity are comforting, especially during complicated deals. Your clients will recognize your brand and appreciate a seamless transaction. Let us step back and make the deal closing process even more about you with branding! Sound like something up your alley? Contact us for pricing and further details.