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Highlight Profile: CEO Law

We were lucky enough to stumble across fellow Canadian legal technology company, CEO Law. And once we learned about the solutions they offer, we knew we had to share it with our readers. We chatted with the Founder & CEO, Stephen Monk, to learn more about the innovative company, so keep on reading to see how CEO Law can (and will) help you.

Please describe the solution that CEO Law provides to its clients.

Steve Monk, Founder & CEO, CEO Law

We provide legal support to companies that need it. We provide senior lawyers (average >20 years of experience) who began their careers at the largest firms in Canada, often working many years as partners. These lawyers then worked within companies, so they understand business and business people.

We make our unmatched lawyers available at unbeatable value ($250/hr) for all lawyers and all services. We also have a one-of-a-kind tech platform to make the experience of working with our lawyers more connected, responsive, and transparent. Finally, we’re committed to exceeding the expectations of our customers—to prove that our value proposition, which sounds too good to be true, is actually even better than customers expect.

What motivated you to found your company?

CEO Law was founded in 2017. We believe traditional law is broken. So we’re fixing it.

Tell us about the template document agreement and policies that you offer your customers.

Our Doc Gen Engine allows small businesses to create their own documents for a modest fee for 10 documents most commonly used by start-ups. These documents range from NDAs to employment and contractor agreements, all the way to shareholder agreements.

If our clients need some help customizing the documents, we also have flat fee support available from our senior lawyer team.

How and why are CEO Law’s prices so low?

CEO Law keeps its prices low by eliminating overhead. When clients pay $1,000 or more for a BigLaw lawyer, more than half of that goes to the building cost. Then there’s the pyramid structure where partners not involved with the work have to be paid—and there’s an army of support staff who also have to be paid. None of this adds any value to the customer.

We eliminate all that waste to give the customer unbeatable value. Our lawyers get 65% of the $250 fee and can make a great living working with CEO Law—often earning over $30K/month. In doing so, we create happy customers and happy employees, and disrupt a broken system.

How can one get started in using your platform?

Anyone can create an account in our system off our website: The account allows you to choose a lawyer, and book a call. Then, if you determine that you’d like to proceed, you can complete the paperwork required by the Law Society and the lawyer is notified that work can begin. Once work begins, you’ll be able to see the documents being created for you and follow all the work, including seeing all billing within our billing system in real time. This system allows for no billing surprise, and we will send you a bill weekly so you will always be aware of exactly where your work is at. The platform allows you to communicate with your lawyer, upload documents, leave feedback—everything designed to make your experience more connected, responsive and transparent.

What was your most noteworthy accomplishment?

CEO Law’s success is more about steady growth rather than one key event. We have close to 1,000 happy customers now and our immediate goal is to reach 10,000 customers served by 1,000 lawyers. Every new customer is a success—taking us another step forward in fixing a broken system and connecting companies with unbeatable lawyers at unbeatable value.

Now that you know that CEO Law offers template documents, you’ll no longer have to find a lawyer to help you build them. And we expect that as you continue using CEO Law’s services over time, the company will become a trusted advisor over the life of your business.

To learn more about CEO Law, visit their website or give them a follow on LinkedIn or Twitter.