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Flexible signing with dealcloser

dealcloser now offers flexibility in how documents can get signed on our platform, coming in the form of Sealed Documents and regular documents. A regular document behaves as a simple electronically signed document, allowing for slip sheeting after the document has been signed. A Sealed Document has several additional security features that ensure the document’s authenticity for years to come. Read below to learn more!

electronic signatures.

According to the U.S Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, an electronic signature is an “electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to, or associated with, a contract or other record and adopted by a person with the intent to sign a record.” 

An electronic signature is essentially a digital image that’s been fixed onto a document. Methods such as scanning and emailing, or even photoshopping your signature onto a document, would be considered valid under the classification of an electronic signature. One of the drawbacks of this level of signature is that it isn’t tamper-proof and doesn’t imply security or authenticity. However, with dealcloser’s signature system, users can choose to add a tamper-evident seal to documents that are signed on our platform.

digital signatures.

A digital signature is a kind of electronic signature that includes additional security features based on public key infrastructure. A digital signature includes a digital certificate that certifies the identity of the signer and associates that identity with the document itself. Digitally signed documents can also detect tampering of the original document.

flexible signing in dealcloser.

dealcloser users have the option to create a regular document or a Sealed Document. A regular document is a simple PDF version of the document, as described above. Regular documents can be modified after being signed without evidence of such modification. This allows for the practice of slip sheeting, which can be necessary on complex deals where not all information is available at the time of signing. Unlike regular documents, Sealed Documents cannot be modified after being signed in any manner.

A Sealed Document has four unique features:

  • dealcloser digitally signs the document
  • Once all clients have signed the document, the document displays a tamper-evident seal
  • A Certificate of Record can automatically be appended to the document
  • Once the first signer signs the document, the document is locked and cannot be modified within dealcloser in any way

When you download a fully signed Sealed Document from our platform and open it in Adobe Acrobat, it will have a tamper-evident seal displayed at the top of the PDF viewer. So long as the tamper-evident seal is present, you’ll have assurance that no one has altered the original document.

Sealed Documents are digitally signed by dealcloser, which automatically generates a digital certificate as part of the document that identifies dealcloser inc. as the digital signer. So long as that digital certificate is present in the document, that document is guaranteed to have come from the dealcloser platform and is therefore not a forgery. Because we as dealcloser digitally sign the document after clients electronically sign the document, our identity is verified and forever associated with the document, ensuring that when the document is opened and the digital certificate is displayed, it is guaranteed to be an original dealcloser document that came from our platform and that it is not a forgery.

dealcloser will also append a Certificate of Record to a Sealed Document automatically. This Certificate of Record will display metadata relevant to that document that identifies the clients that electronically signed the document using dealcloser along with an audit log of activity that occurred to that specific document. The Certificate of Record together with the tamper-evident seal and the digital certificate assure future viewers of the document that the signers who signed the document were dealcloser users (identifying them by name, email and IP address) and that: (i) the document itself came from dealcloser; (ii) it is not a forgery; and (iii) it has not been modified since it was signed. This is powerful evidence of the authenticity of the document should future litigation arise and it is all baked automatically straight into the document!

By offering both regular documents and Sealed Documents, dealcloser gives you the flexibility to continue to slip sheet documents or to create documents that are guaranteed to have come from dealcloser and which cannot be modified without evidence of such modification.

Do you have any questions about dealcloser’s flexible signing options? Email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.