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Innovate or Fail: Why firms should embrace technology

Disruption. It’s something that is happening within small to medium-sized law firms now more than ever. Some are adopting new technology, causing the firm to pause and learn new things. Others are ignoring new technology, making the firm fall behind its competitors....

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dealcloser takes Legalweek 2020

It’s been just over a week since our CRO, Teruel Carrasco, returned from NYC for Legalweek 2020. With only a dealcloser banner and a carry-on bag in tow, Teruel accomplished a heck of a lot in those four short days—so we thought it deserved a quick recap. Let’s begin...

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Why Attorneys Should Attend ClioCon

This October, there is a legal conference that is unlike any other: the Clio Cloud Conference – and it’s happening in San Diego. So, why should you put this event on your calendar above all others?

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Ways AI is Changing the Legal Landscape

Artificial intelligence is often stereotyped as the technology of the future, but current A.I. software is revolutionizing the legal landscape and how law firms operate today. Learn more by clicking here. 

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Easy Ways to Make Your Business Greener

Do you know how to make your business greener? DealCloser has a multitude of products that can make your firm greener and improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your company. Click here to learn more. 

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Predictions for the Future of Law: Part 1

The future of the law is filled with new technology that could streamline firms and innovate from the front office to the back. Click here to learn about some predictions for the future of law and technology.

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Things Lawyers Can Be Doing Aside From Collecting Signatures

We all know that gathering client signatures is a crucial part of managing the corporate and tax transaction process. When signatures are delayed, it affects the whole deal, including, but not limited to, reporting, billing and completing the project. However, chasing...

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