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For many law firms, the decision to go paperless is not about eliminating every single piece of paper or physical document used during a legal transaction. Going paperless is about choosing a more sustainable and efficient document management system that saves the firm time and money by allowing clients to review and sign legal documents online from anywhere. Legal document management software, such as dealcloser™, allows your firm to process legal transactions, keep large numbers of documents organized, track revisions to documents and send documents for client review and signature electronically.


4 benefits of going paperless


1. Security

Of reported corporate data breaches affecting more than 500 people annually, almost 23% involve paper. This statistic rises to 61% for smaller-scale data breaches. Paper documents can be more difficult to protect and keeping track of revisions is a challenge. A file full of sensitive paperwork is more vulnerable to loss or theft than its electronic counterpart.

Using what we refer to as “Bank Grade Security”, our online document management solution stores your legal documents digitally for increased security, ease of access and tracking.


2. Sustainability

Did you know that printers and photocopiers are some of the biggest consumers of energy in the office? Not only do they consume energy while printing and copying, they are constantly drawing power while on standby or sleep mode. Using dealcloser gives your firm the ability to reduce paper usage and reduce printing and copying costs, saving your firm money. Some will argue that going paperless is futile in terms of environmental impact, believing that their individual impact would be minimal at best. Consider this: approximately 11,138 kWhs of energy is used to produce 1 ton of paper; the same amount of energy used by the average household over a 10 month span!


3. Speed

Setting up and initializing dealcloser and training your employees takes very little time thanks to the online document management software system’s straightforward design. dealcloser’s user-friendly interface will be appreciated and quickly embraced by your staff and clients. We know that downtime costs your firm money so we’ve ensured that deploying dealcloser is a speedy and simple process. Should you require assistance at any point, contact our Support Team for fast and friendly service.


4. Costs

Many people wrongly believe that the cost of document management and productivity software for legal transactions is too high and far outweighs that of just sticking with paper. Although adopting a software solution such as dealcloser involves a small monthly fee, this fee is counterbalanced by a decrease spend on paper, ink and energy by your organization in the long run.

The sustainable consumption of paper—or going paper-lite, as we like to say—is easily achievable. The paperless office is no longer being held back by technological challenges. Everything you need to reduce your paper waste exists. The current barriers are cultural – and the fear of change is all that’s standing in your way.

Enable your business to meet its sustainable development goals, increase productivity and speed, and heighten document security by going paperless – let us show you how our online document management software at

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