Multi-party management

Manage deals of all sizes and complexity using dealcloser’s online document management software. dealcloser makes it easy to collaborate with all parties to a transaction, from the other side’s lawyers to accounting and financial advisors to any other relevant professionals. dealcloser allows you to invite collaborators with various levels of access. You can restrict collaborators to just viewing documents or open up the entire deal for modification – or set access in between. Coupled with dealcloser’s intuitive legal document management solution, Multi-Party Management allows you to control exactly what each party can see or do on a deal.


With Multi-Party Management you can:

  • Invite as many collaborates as you need to each deal
  • Set each collaborator’s access level on the deal, controlling how much control they have over the deal
  • Each invited collaborator can add their own team to the deal
  • Control document visibility with granular permission settings

Multi-Party Management is a powerful tool for your transactions, allowing multiple collaborators to work with their own clients on our intuitive document management platform, such that risk of mistake is mitigated for everyone on the deal. dealcloser’s legal document management software helps reduce risk of mistake through the Dynamic Closing Agenda – a dynamic project dashboard that shows you at a glance which documents are fully executed, which documents are missing signatures and whether any documents are missing. The Dynamic Closing Agenda is truly dynamic, as well, showing you changes being made to the closing agenda by any collaborator live as the changes are being made.

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