Legal task management

Staying organized today can be a challenge in and of itself. Between various communications from phone, fax, email, text, social media and the web, lawyers are constantly inundated with information. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed and unorganized, which can lead to missed deadlines and costly mistakes. Because such lapses can negatively impact a law firms bottom line, and can even lead to negative brand impact, lost future business or legal action in the worst scenarios, it’s vital that lawyers find a legal file document management solution to organize the chaos.

Getting organized in today’s world really means becoming more productive and efficient. We live in what continues to be a very challenging economy, and an organized office will not only increase the quality and quantity of work a lawyer produces, it will also reduce the number of mistakes, waste and delays that often drive away clients.

Legal deal management software like dealcloser offers lawyers a simple, accurate and secure way to get organized with online software. Every document can now be uploaded and stored securely in the cloud and dealcloser provides additional features such as version control, electronic signatures and the ability to invite other parties to collaborate on a deal. Progress on each deal is easily tracked and, if desired, relayed to the appropriate clients or colleagues. And as with most legal document management software, lawyers and their clients can update or sign documents anywhere they go.

A great legal file management system alone won’t make a law firm more organized. But a great software system can make it significantly easier for you to improve your habits and establish new, more efficient workflows in your professional life.

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