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We are committed to helping you create more value for your clients by letting you focus on the things that matter to your clients during a deal, things like negotiating and drafting deal documents.

Transactions are valuable to your clients and they understand that high-quality work comes at a worthwhile cost. However, many lawyers are spending too much time on the many non-value-added tasks required to carry out a deal, tasks that clients don’t want to pay for.

Instead of spending time on non-value-added tasks such as sorting documents into closing folders, managing signature pages and creating closing books, use dealcloser to take care of those tasks. Free up your time to focus on providing value to your clients by spending your time negotiating the transaction and the transaction documents, drafting those documents and ensuring that no mistakes are made.


Dynamic Closing Agenda™

dealcloser’s mission is to modernize the legal transaction process, making it faster, easier, and less stressful for you to close deals. To carry out this mission, the Dynamic Closing Agenda™ was created. Our team brought a number of tools together into one platform to make this feature significantly more powerful and useful than just a typical closing checklist made in Word. With the Dynamic Closing Agenda, you can manage a large number of documents, track document versions, and send documents for client signature, all from an intuitive online dashboard. You can also tell at a glance which documents still have to be signed and by who.


One-click closing book

At the end of the deal, dealcloser can take the final, executed version of every document used in the deal and create a Closing Book – an organized digital file containing copies of every executed document, complete with an interactive index – with just the click of a button.


Smart Notifications

Clients can be slow when it comes to signing documents and reminding them over email to do sign their documents is time consuming and inefficient. Also, sometimes you need your client to sign a few follow up documents and must use email to ask them to do so. With dealcloser, you can notify your clients to log into dealcloser and take action with the click of a button.

Our Smart Notification system ensures that only those clients that have outstanding documents that they can access receive a notification. If a client has executed all their documents or does not have access to any documents, they will not receive any notifications.


Security matters

dealcloser securely stores all uploaded documents in the cloud with no data ever leaving the jurisdiction you choose. dealcloser uses industry leading security features to ensure that all of your highly confidential data stays safe and secure.

Visit our security page to learn more about the industry leading security measures that we implement to keep your data confidential and secure.

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