Virtual desktops for lawyers: the must-haves

As the end of 2020 approaches, we reflect on how significantly different life is now than what we once knew it as. Here at dealcloser, we switched to a fully remote office, but we’re definitely not the only ones who have done this. Why? The command to stay home sparked a realization that many companies’ operations can be done digitally—any time, anywhere. 

How will technology impact law firms

As Josh Maley from Theorem said in one of our Partner Profiles, “Ultimately, digital transformation will enable firms to respond to the realities of the next decade, enhance the client experience, and deliver better outcomes.” The future of law lies in innovative legal technology solutions. So, here are some legal technology platforms, tools, and features we recommend that you have in your legal sandbox!

Where can you find legal technology solutions

As a starting point, firms can browse for legal tech software and applications on online marketplaces such as Reynen Court’s Solution Store or Theorem’s Ecosystem. Not only can you source and download apps from platforms, but you can integrate them into and manage your workflow from one interactive interface.

What kind of legal technologies are out there? 

Deal management platforms, such as dealcloser (shameless plug), modernizes the transaction process. We automate manual administrative tasks so you can focus on serving and collaborating with your clients (which is done completely virtually)! Platforms such as Lawfecta, LegalEase, and Wicker Hamilton provide an array of litigation and paralegal support services, and among LegalEase’s many offerings are legal research and writing services. For communications needs, CORVUM is a VoIP phone service exclusively for the legal industry. And our partner Wicker Hamilton even offers legal translation services in over 40 languages!

And of course, all of the services mentioned above meet the highest security standards. And as an added bonus, you can also benefit from cost predictability and savings, as well as increased workflow flexibility and profitability. 

Are you ready to start building your virtual law firm? Try dealcloser for a week, on us!