dads of dealcloser

Dads of dealcloser

Dad, papa, pa, baba, abba, tatay, tata. This weekend we are celebrating the fathers and father figures in our lives! As much as we love talking about legal tech, we wanted to interrupt our regular programming to bring you a blog on some of the people behind your favourite transaction management software. We sat down with Teruel, Alex & Darren—some of the dads on our executive team—to get wholesome insight on parenting advice. Enjoy!


Teruel Carrasco, CRO

Brag a bit about your daughter: 

Daniela is studying logic philosophy and economics and is preparing to write her LSAT. A few academic accomplishments include becoming the first freshman asked to be a teacher’s assistant, winning several literary essay competitions in the United States, joining an honours society and maintaining a perfect GPA.

But overall, I’m simply proud of the person Daniella is. She is very caring and always searches out for and befriends those who feel alone. My wife and I love to hang out, work out, and travel with her.

What is one of your favourite memories of being a father?

The personal milestones that my daughter achieved are my most profound memories of being a father. From her first walk, steps, piano recital, and ballet recital. I loved seeing her performing on stage. For a dad, these first moments are great, but what warms my heart is recognizing the time and effort she put in to achieve these milestones. When we dropped her off at college in the United States, she hugged and thanked us for all we’ve done to help her get to where she is.

What advice do you have for new fathers or fathers-to-be? 

Love your children unconditionally, no matter what. Make sure they grow up to be their own person, not a photocopy of what you think a successful person should be. Always be on their side and be their biggest cheerleader!

What did you want to be when you grew up? What did your daughter want to be when she grew up?

I had two parallel desires. One was to play in a rock band. The other desire was to be in the business of private equity and investment—an investment banker. 

In elementary school, Daniella wanted to be a spy. Then she wanted to join a federation academy and work for Star Trek. Later she dreamed of being a doctor, and eventually she decided to pursue law.


Alex Trauzzi, Developer & Software Architect

Brag a bit about your kids: 

Holden, by many peoples’ accounts, has a contagious calmness about him. He has out of this world empathy and will often be the one coordinating activities. He does really well in groups and has a strong sense of fairness.

Arianna is my little free spirit and I’m pretty sure will end up being my most rebellious one. Every time I hear the song Caravan Girl by Goldfrapp, I think of Ari. We’ve been introducing her to cycling and she recently conquered using the tag-along. Now asks for it pretty much any time the sun is out. Ari prefers one-on-one time, watching movies and loves small talk.

Mia is coming up to her first year with us, although she has wasted no time carving out her space in the family and teaching us her personality. In many ways she seems to be a balance between Holden and Ari with a lot of evil genius mixed in. When she knows she’s not supposed to be somewhere or have something, she comes up with little indirect strategies to get her way. She also growls, like… at five months.

What do your kids call you? 

When Holden was around one, Kristy and I figured out that he called me “aeeeeeh” (think “eh”, but held longer).

Holden and Ari call me dad/daddy. Mia is still too young to have any name for me, mind you… She did just say dada when I walked into the room and started crawling to me today. I’m gonna say that counts.

What cartoon theme song can you sing word for word? 

Great question, I know far, far too many cartoon theme songs, movie songs and video game tunes—even before I became a dad.

That said, I’m not sure that I know the lyrics of any cartoon theme in entirety, I usually listen to the instruments!

How has WFH been with kids around? 

I’m lucky as I’ve always had an “office” in my home. In previous jobs, I’ve had WFH days and prior to dealcloser I was already working remotely full-time. So, working from home has been just a regular day like any other.

I hope that amongst the many things COVID is teaching us, that remote work can be accepted as normal. I feel like it’s good for families, the environment and is also an important step in embracing a global economy.


Darren Yuhar, CPO

Editor’s note: Darren has been working tirelessly to bring our customers some special new features, so he couldn’t get to all of his questions. *Hint hint* something amazing coming your way! What he did say is, “the greatest thing my kiddo ever did was give me an amazing grandchild.”


Happy Father’s Day from our team to yours! To stay up-to-date on all dealcloser updates, be sure to give us a follow.